The Tale of a Master Tailor

Cesare Attolini of Napoli, with its unrivalled reputation amongst suit makers, has an exclusive UK partnership with OTTO. The finesse, style and love of craft that has won Attolini the 3-time accolade of ‘Best of the Best’ from the Robb Report typifies the Curatore’s focus on combining unparalleled skills with the finest materials.

Notably, the Attolini name has also found recent acclaim for its links to a Golden Globe winning film. Paolo Sorrentino’s ‘La Grande Bellezza’ was awarded the prize for Best Foreign Language Film 2013.

In the film, Toni Servillo interprets the iconic, cynical, yet extremely fine character of Jep Gambardella. His refinement and elegance is captured not only through great directorship and acting ability but also through the distinguished tailor-made clothes of Cesare Attolini Naples.

Vincenzo Attolini invented the quintessential soft-shouldered Neapolitan-style suit in the 1930’s. The Attolini suit has gone on to become an essential part of the wardrobe of the finely tuned gentleman.

Vincenzo’s son, Cesare, and grandchildren, Giuseppe and Massimiliano are still creating completely handmade garments that fit perfectly and are famed for their style and comfort. No machine can produce anything like an Attolini suit.

The company, with only 130 tailors on staff, produces fewer than 12,000 suits per year. Massimiliano says: “We need 25 to 30 hours to make a suit. Each tailor is dedicated to a single step. Cutting techniques are absolutely unique. Each sewing step is followed by a passage of ironing, followed in turn by specific periods of rest, which vary according to the characteristics of the fabric. Highly strict control of all stages, beginning with verification to receipt of textiles. Each department manager is responsible for checking all main points of the jacket. We proceed with the intermediate testing and inspection after each phase of ironing. Then the garment stands still for several hours, for us to assess its reactions and to make any small changes. Only this thoroughness of execution and control of handmade production processes can ensure the absolute quality, which is unparalleled, and has always been a source of pride for those who produce and, even more, for those who wear garments labelled Cesare Attolini.”